Below is a list of the services that we offer. We have a variety of products ranging from agriculture to indoor air quality. Our services aim to help both residential and commercial real-estate.

ultraGROW is an ideal solution for cooling and dehumidification in greenhouse and indoor controlled environment agriculture facilities. The system maintains air temperature while providing maximum dehumidification by modulating compressors and directing recovered heat to a reheat coil.

ultraGROW is designed to deliver conditioned air by providing cooling, heating, humidity control, CO2 control and outside air (filtered and ionized as needed by plants for optimal respiration and transpiration.

Pelican Wireless Systems allow customers to remotely monitor and control all aspects of your HAVAC, ventilation systems, CO2, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and lights. It has the ability to monitor information in real-time settings with alarm notifications. There is automatic wireless communication between thermostats and networks. This advanced technology is compatible with almost all energy systems. Internet programmable and controlled wirelessly. It’s able to be accessed by your smartphone and tablet. It also provides monitored space history so you can see trends and changes for your space.